Reference letter from T. Eyles

References for Elisabeth Svanholmer

Århus 2/10/2013

To whom it may concern:

I have known Elisabeth both professionally and personally since October 2005.

During the past eight years we have worked very closely, initially exploring Elisabeth’s experience as a voice-hearer/sensitive person, and then during training as a  voice-hearer support facilitator.

Over the past five years Elisabeth and myself have contributed to development of help and support to voice-hearers and other users of psychiatric services.

However, an increasing amount of time has been spent teaching health-care professionals how to relate to voice-hearing, how to support them in the experience, and how to initiate and facilitate self-help groups.

In this respect, Elisabeth has proved invaluable in sharing her lived experiences in an honest, open, passionate and informative way. Elisabeth is always reliable, prompt and well-prepared. She articulates her thoughts and feelings equally superbly, whether it be in Danish or in English.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Elisabeths’ work, is her creativity. No two lectures being the same – working with groups is always varied and dynamic – and Elisabeth possesses the insight and ability to adjust to the particular needs of the group in question. Despite this, Elisabeth never loses the essence of what she is conveying.

Our work has embraced many facets of mental-health care. We have lectured extensively in Denmark and have spoken at conferences in other parts of the world.

The work mainly comprises relatively short training courses for professionals and voice-hearers.

Having summarised my first-hand experiences of working with Elisabeth i would hasten to add that over the past few years she has also worked extensively as an individual trainer, and has been much in demand here in Denmark.

Trevor Eyles

Voice-Hearing Consultant

Aarhus Kommune