Ilse Sand is a psychotherapist, public speaker and author. She has spent her career counseling highly sensitive people first as a pastor under the Danish National Church and now as a psychotherapist

Co-blogging with a friend about life and sensitivity This blog is about being on a never-ending journey to discover paths and ways to live a full life as a highly sensitive person. Just as much in spite of as because of the challenges we face daily because of our sensitivity. By sharing our experiences, reflections and coping strategies we hope to inspire others 

Elaine Aron is a psychologist and author. Her 1996 book The Highly Sensitive Person, about individuals with high measures of sensory processing sensitivity, sold over a million copies

Andy Mort A Home for Gentle Rebels: Find the Courage to Embrace Your Creative Sensitivity and Change the World From the Inside Out


Rufus May  is a British clinical psychologist best known for using his own experiences of being a psychiatric patient to promote alternative recovery approaches for those experiencing psychotic symptoms

Rachel Waddingham I talk at conferences, write articles and run training courses on ways of understanding and supporting people who struggle with voices, psychosis, self harm or overwhelming realities

InterVoice The International Hearing Voices Movement consists of the diverse conversations, initiatives, groups and individuals around the world that share some core values

VoiceCollective  is a UK-wide, London-based project that supports children and young people who hear voices , see visions, have other ‘unusual’ sensory experiences or beliefs

Toronto Recovery Network blogs and resources on a wide range of subjects

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