Hearing Voices Resources

This is part of the work I have been doing the past 6 years. Fighting stigma and taboo around the common human experience of hearing voices as well as helping people who struggle with this experience or similar experiences.


This booklet is for parents and carers who know a child or a young person who hears voices. But it is also great simple information for anyone interested in this phenomenon and the “Making sense of Voices” approach. It is the first in a series of four – available in English, Dutch and Danish


Parents Booklet 1 – Intro_web

Danish Booklet 1 Stemmer Og Syner_web

Lists of books and websites

Books and magazines HV

list of websites HV



There are many excellent ressources on the internet for anyone who wants to know more about hearing voices.

The international network for people who hears voices as well as for relatives, friends, carers, proffessionals etc:


intervoice on facebook:


Websites specificly about children and young people who hear voices or have similar experiences



National hearing voices networks:

Denmark www.stemmehoerer.dk

England http://www.hearing-voices.org/

USA http://www.hearingvoicesusa.org/

Scotland http://hearingvoicesnetwork.com/new/

Australia http://www.hvna.net.au/      http://www.hvnnsw.org.au/



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