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Hearing Voices online event

I came across this today and thought it sounded interesting and wanted to share it in case someone ese might like it too. If you are in Europe you might need to check the time difference if you are […]

Blog about my passion for facilitation

I’ve shared some reflections on facilitation on the website I run with my partner. Facilitation Chat I, Elisabeth, have a lot of passion for facilitation and I have recently decided that I would like to offer support to people […]

Celebrating World Hearing Voices Day

Ten days ago I joined an online event celebrating World Hearing Voices Day. I had been invited by someone I knew and they’d suggested I could contribute something to the event. They mentioned the talk I did for the […]

The art of; receiving kindness

Being on the receiving end of kindness and compassion is something I have struggled with quite a lot and still do. I help organise regular group supervision session for people who work with people who hear voices or has […]

(Female?) raging

I think there is a lack of useful representation of female aggression, wrath and rage in the Northern European cultures that I am part of. I don’t know how to be angry in a way that I and others […]

Do we really want a world without voices?

We seem a long way away from accepting voices as – not just a normal – but a natural part
of human experience. The voices I hear passionately object to a world without voices – and so do I. They do not
want to be confined in boxes with medical or psychological labels, they believe
they are more than that. And that they have an important role to play for the
collective human development. I agree with them.

New website about hearing voices

Hearing the Voice has created this website to share information and perspectives on hearing voices. It has been under way for more than two years and o lot of thought and care has gone in to it. They’ve consulted […]

Making difficult stuff meaningful

What has hair, a death festival and chronic pain and fatigue got to do with each other?   Thinking about meaning My will to live depends on my ability to find meaning in the life I am living. Sometimes […]

Tales from Times of Exhaustion #7 – painful awareness

It’s been a tough weekend. After coming back home from travelling my ‘system’ slowly transitioned. And as the excitement, adrenaline, focus and determination left my body, I was left with raw overwhelm and overstimulation. It’s difficult to describe what […]

Real lives, real experiences, real wisdom

There is such an untapped wealth of knowledge and wisdom that comes from people’s personal experiences of finding their way through life. Integrated Voices (its current working title) is a website being developed by Hearing the Voice in Durham […]


Feeling gratified… Feeling like you have achieved something meaningful, feeling pleased with – or proud of – yourself and maybe give yourself a treat. I have heard that our biology is supposed to reward us when we experience good […]

Going to the gym for the first time in years…

Trying to practice what I preach… Really enjoyed doing our ‘connecting with the body’s resources’ workshop at Leeds Beckett Uni today but afterwards I found myself feeling anxious and frazzled this evening. Partly because I haven’t been sleeping well […]

Russell Brand talking mental health 

“Disconnected systems create disconnected people” Been hoping he would get round to talk about these things in a nuanced way.  And for the millionth time I am thinking to myself: “What a mad world we humans have created for […]

Healthy Minds Newsletter

I have been volunteering with Healthy Minds in Calderdale since I moved to UK and have found it a good way to be involved with the local communities. I feel excited about the new developments and thought I would […]

Hello Self-loathing, my old friend…

Self-loathing as a belief system Today I did a session on beliefs with a community team and one of the subjects that came up was self-loathing.  It can be painful to witness somebody caught in cycles of self-loathing, it’s […]

Grieving every day

As far back as I can remember I have experienced times of intense sadness. Feeling like a heavy weight is dropped into my solar plexus and at the same time as if some creature is clawing at my insides. […]

Fundraising Art Auction

Artwork has been coming in these past weeks and it looks as though more is on its way which is amazing! We are very excited to share that from October 2nd it will be possible to see the artwork […]

There are things more important than surviving

This survival of the fittest idea… Am I the only one who thinks we (as a human race) need to stop telling ourselves and each other that we have to be strong, be fighters, be resilient and prove our […]

Things I’ve come across recently

Just thought I’d share some of the things I’ve enjoyed reading this past week. Not necessarily enjoyed in the sense that they made me feel uplifted. More that they all feel like important reads for different reasons. Clicking on the […]

I really do think Self Care Rules

Getting proper rest when I feel overwhelmed can be tricky. After more than a month of looking after myself, I am finally able to have a fairly lazy day without a) feeling guilty about doing nothing b) feeling like […]

Feeling the ground beneath my feet

I used to live in a state of constant overwhelm and anxiety. Only I didn’t realise it at the time, because it was all I knew. I suspected something was wrong; the suicidal yearnings and impulses to self-harm were […]

The forgotten body

I think that the way society works today, it can be easy to forget the body. Even though we are bombarded with stuff about body image, food, exercise, healthy living and the importance of appearances, none of this really connects […]

Self Care rules!

I am a passionate fan of self-care, of looking after ourslves. But I struggled for years with how to look after myself – and what it meant. My head was overloaded with all these rules and input I got from my surroundings about what self-care was. Self-care had become all about what I “should” do – what was “right” and what I was supposed to do to feel better. But even this idea of “feeling better” seemed vague to me.
Today I believe that there are no rules to self-care. No right or wrong. It is something deeply individual and even within the individual it may need to be something very flexible as well.

Connecting the past and the present

This week my partner Rufus and I went down to London to facilitate two separate workshops together with our friend Anders. First day we looked at Using Mindfulness with Psychosis and second day we shared different ways of Talking with […]

Colouring in for adults

I have been a big fan of colouring-in all my life. I first came across colouring for adults in the form of colouring-in Mandalas for all ages in Denmark about 5 years ago and I still have some of […]

The Hearing Voices Approach

Destigmatising and demystifying the experience of hearing voices is something I feel very passionate about. I myself have always heard voices and I was lucky enough to have a family that did not think it was unusual or problematic. […]

The Yellow Book

Today I went to London to spend some time celebrating the project RethinkYourMind and all the people who had contributed to the creation of The Yellow Book and 4 singles. I went without really knowing what to expect; what […]

So much fear

“A life lived in fear is a life half lived” – from Strictly Ballroom Fear is what is on my mind today, looking back at the results of the recent elections in the UK and Denmark. Not that I […]

Thoughts on change #1

Creating Change What do we need in order to create sustainable long-term changes around us? This is a question I often ponder. Whenever I encounter distress, pain, brutality, ignorance and injustice, my mind starts going over different understandings, different […]

The Possibility of Healing

Stories of spontaneous healings have been told for thousands of years – maybe even longer. I do believe that healing can happen in ways that science and medicine cannot explain with their views on life and the world.

A question that intrigues me is, that if healing from pain, illness and distress is possible, then why does it not happen more?