New website about hearing voices

Hearing the Voice has created this website to share information and perspectives on hearing voices. It has been under way for more than two years and o lot of thought and care has gone in to it. They’ve consulted with people who hear voices and their friends, families and other supporters to try and make it accessible and relevant.
There is ideas for coping, information about medication, personal stories, thoughts on how to talk about voices and research into the history of voice hearing as well as stuff on spirituality and cultural and social context.
They are happy to get feedback as well as the website is a work in progress so at the bottom of the website there is a link to tell them what you think.
Go to and have a look around!

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Hearing the Voice is a large interdisciplinary study of voice-hearing, based at Durham University and funded by the Wellcome Trust.
Our international research team includes academics from anthropology, cognitive neuroscience, history, linguistics, literary studies, medical humanities, philosophy, psychology and theology. We also work closely with clinicians, voice-hearers and other experts by experience.In addition to shedding light on the relations between hearing voices and everyday processes of sensory perception, memory, language and creativity, we are exploring why it is that some voices (and not others) are experienced as distressing, how they can change across the life course, and the ways in which voices can act as important social, cultural and political forces.

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