Colouring in for adults

I have been a big fan of colouring-in all my life. I first came across colouring for adults in the form of colouring-in Mandalas for all ages in Denmark about 5 years ago and I still have some of their books on my shelf. There is a little overview of these books here.

A year ago I noticed the colouring-in for adults began to trend here in the UK – particularly promoted as a mindfulness tool. Which I think is great – only problem for me is the designs I have come across.
I have looked at more than 15 different books now from different companies and even though I really like some designs and there is a fair bit of diversity I have a problem with the unfinished look with most of the prints; they are not framed. The designs go right to the edge of the pages – so in my minds eye the continue beyond the page which just doesn’t work for me. I need contained and finished designs if it is going to feel mindful to me. To exemplify what I mean here are two examples of designs going of the page (found at



And here is an example of what I would see as a contained design (again found at



As a child I sometimes created my own designs and then coloured them in and in recent years I have thought of taking that up again. But it just stayed a fleeting idea – like so many others. Yesterday I saw a call for contributions to a colouring-in Calender by Rethink on twitter and it got me thinking again.  Having a project and a deadline can be helpful for me to get started on things. So I began drawing and doodling. The drawing below is just an initial and u finished attempt. While I was working on it I felt the desire to create my own little booklets and cards using my preferred mosaic technique – it would be such a nice thing to give as presents and to offer people when I do training within mental health…


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