Blog about my passion for facilitation

I’ve shared some reflections on facilitation on the website I run with my partner.

Facilitation Chat

I, Elisabeth, have a lot of passion for facilitation and I have recently decided that I would like to offer support to people who facilitate Peer Support groups for people who hear voices and have other sensory experiences. See more here

So I wanted to share some reflections on my relationship with facilitation.

To facilitate means to make something possible or easier. I think we can facilitate stuff all day long if we want to and the list of things we can facilitate is probably endless.

We can facilitate love, communication, curiosity, openness, laughter, emotional expression and anything else we believe is a meaningful part of daily life.

Facilitating something doesn’t mean that it necessarily happens or happens in the way or at the pace I might hope or expect – I see it as opening or clearing a space, collecting ingredients I think could make something happen or nurturing the soil in which I have planted seeds.

It is about sitting in the space where I set my intention and dedicate myself while also staying open to the uncertainty of any process.