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My two default ways of dealing with my sensitivity: getting angry (at it, myself and the world – in that order) and numbing. And even though I know better I still do it a lot.

I found two articles on HSP health that talk about these things and I found some of it helpful so thought it would be worth sharing.

First article:

Are you numbing your sensitivity? is an article by She invites us to reflect on the ways we numb ourselves and why: “What if we are checking our phones—or eating when we’re not hungry, or watching another episode on Netflix, or {insert supposedly mindless activity here}—because feeling our sensitivity just feels like it’s too much? Do you do this? Do you participate in little actions throughout your day to avoid your sensitive self feeling too much, feeling life around you?” Read more:

Second article:

Anger can be constructive or destructive, This article by   explores 25 ways to channel your anger so that you do not harm yourself or others. She writes: ” …Anger in itself isn’t bad. Like the stress response, it’s a messenger. Anger has a purpose and is frequently misunderstood. Used productively in the right context, it can be a powerful force for good.

  • Anger helps us draw boundaries
  • Anger tells us what is and is not acceptable
  • Anger alerts us when we’re giving too much and receiving too little
  • When someone’s words or actions make us angry, it tells us what WE need to change to feel safe and comfortable again
  • Anger invites us to look inward—rather than the knee jerk reaction of lashing out.”

Read it here: 25 Ways to Handle Anger Productively.

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