Where are we heading?

I don’t know where we are heading with all this fear.

Fear of illness and death.

Fear of being the cause of illness and death.

Fear of each other.

Fear of our bodies.

Fear of standing out.

Fear of punishment.

Fear of losing comfort and convenience.

Fear of losing financial security.

Fear of losing opportunities.

Fear of ridicule.

Fear of things not ‘returning to normal’.

Fear of things returning to ‘normal’.

Fear of being blamed.

Fear of being shamed.

Fear of being cast out.

Control and compliance are natural ways to respond to fear.

But it is a slippery, slippery slope. And gravity pulls us down, sliding fast down into the utterly unknown – or maybe not so unknown because if we look back through history human societies has always gone through cycles like this.

After times of stability comes times of unrest.

The painful collective journey through times of transitions.

I find Russell Brands commentary on social and political stuff interesting. And I feel less mad for questioning the dominant narrative.

One comment

  1. thanks for hitting the nail on the head, Elisabeth. have just discussed with a blogger friend that I find getting to the bottom of things analytically an important component counteracting free-floating anxiety; that said, as a matter of personal taste only – I do not have the stomach to listen to Russell Brant voluntarily. George Monbiot is more on my wave length. (Have just shared is fb post – on my blog titled The Empire.


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