Travelling and Creativity

In recent years I have noticed that travelling can sometimes fuel my creativity. It can give me ideas for writing, it inspires me to take more photos and I tend to doodle a lot and write me diary more regularly. At the moment I am travelling around Denmark, visiting friends and rediscovering some of all my drawings and paintings.

So here is a look into my more creative moods and modes…


    • ah thank you so much – the red figure actually has a sister-painting; a teardrop shape filled with images and stories. But as many of my paintings I gave it away and do not know where it is anymore… At least these days I make sure to keep photos 🙂


    • That is what happens to all of my art too! You seem like an extremely kind person. I hold my sensitivity dearly as well. It lends sense so never become what the world makes people; senseless and cold.


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