Thoughts on digesting inputs…

This morning I checked how I am getting on with the pages here and where I need to do more work. The empty pages are always a challenge but I remind myself that I just need to wait and the ideas will come. I don’t need to force it or worry that it won’t happen at all. Just the other day I took a photo that really inspired me to think about the Sensing section and I got some ideas for the page about touching.

The exciting thing I get from looking over all the stuff on the blog is, that I sometimes find writing I only vaguely remember putting up and it feels refreshing reading it. Today I found a bit that I have written about mental digestion and since I am feeling quite inspired by it I thought it would be nice to share.


I see processing as mental digesting that can take place consciously and subconsciously. Like our bodies need to process the food we feed to it so do our minds and our energy bodies (if you believe in such things 🙂 ) All those inputs, sensory experiences and emotional atmospheres and states that come into our system every day, they need to be digested, some of it we need to keep and some we need to dispose of. Read more:

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