The Beauty of Gratitude

A friend of mine posted this piece below on Tumblr and I found it so beautiful I had to ask her permission to share it on this blog. Thankful that she let me!

A list of things that makes me thankful and happy to be alive

Waking up with a smile on my face.
My cat being the one taking up more space than me in my tiny bed.
Walking on the beach for hours.
The taste of strawberries on a sad day.
The comfortable silence between myself and another being.
A field full of wildflowers hidden behind crappy buildings.
Drawings and stories I wrote when I was a kid.
Climbing sand dunes, and jumping off them.
The way the earth looks after it rains.
When I reunite with an old friend and it feels like we were never apart.
Warm sand under my bare feet.
Learning new things.
When a cat sits on my lap instead of the laps of the other 8 people in the room.
Buying something in a thrift shop I saw 4 years ago but couldn’t afford then.
Thinking about things that are so weird that it makes me laugh out loud.
When I connect with other people and I know that they feel it too.
Listening to birds singing and the sounds of nature.
The feeling I get when I beat an anxiety attack.
Singing in the shower.
Realising more pieces of who I am and knowing that I am a good one.
When someone touch my body and I allow myself to feel good about it.
Children playing and laughing.
Moving into my own apartment for the first time.
Wondering about everything.
Finishing a piece of art.
Getting lost in my childhood forest and listening to the trees.
Being able to see beauty in everyone and everything.
When someone says, “this reminds me of you.”
Meeting a person who feels the same way I do about the world, knowing I’m not as alone as I thought I was.
Standing in the rain and feeling the raindrops on my skin, knowing that I am right there.
Smiling and getting a smile in return from a beautiful stranger.
Dreaming, and being able to remember and understand.
Finding people in life that feels like family.
Dancing to the music I love and enjoying it.
Making other people smile and feel good about themselves.
Looking out of my window without wearing my contact lenses and seeing dragons flying by.
Changing my mind about something I thought I knew my whole life.
Walks in the city, in the middle of the night.
The rush I feel when an intense thunderstorm hits the place I live.
Surprising myself with something I didn’t think I could do.
Feeling connected to nature and other beings.
Having deep conversations with people who enjoy it as much as I do.
When I stop being afraid of something that scared me.
Good people and random acts of kindness.
Disappearing into other worlds in books and movies.
Laughing so hard I pretty much pee my pants.
Talking to the moon at night and feeling understood.
Family events I don’t want to go to that make me feel surprisingly thankful.
Letters in the mail.
Getting through a hard time in my life and understanding why it had to be that way.
Lying on the grass in the summer and looking up at the stars and the moon.
Getting so full I have to unbutton my pants.
A good night’s sleep after 14 nights of horror keeping me up.
Not failing a test.
Getting wisdom from kids and elderly people.
Knowing that there are magic everywhere.
Forgiving others.
Forgiving myself.
When someone says, “I’m proud of you.”
Telling someone how much I love them.
Humming while grocery shopping.
Lying in bed, drinking beer and reading poetry.
Finding places where I belong.
Letting go of hurtful thoughts.
Running through corn fields with my favourite music blasting through my headphones.
When I finally get the courage to say how I feel.
Drunken nights full of people who think that I don’t know, spilling their entire lives to me.
Buying a used book that has underlined sentences.
Feeling understood by someone, when I didn’t think I ever could.
The boxes I find full of pictures of people who passed away.
Climbing trees.
The smell of clean sheets and that soft feeling against my bare feet.


1 note Dec 16th, 2014



  1. “Having deep conversations with people who enjoy it as much as I do.” Is there anything more ‘reinforcing’ in life? I identified with virtually all the lines, but I think this, for me, is what makes life worth living, at the end of the day. Thanks, Elisabeth! 🙂


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