Nourishing your sensitivity with daily reminders

Hello there, I am a fellow collaborator to this wonderful blog but my presence so far has been greatly lacking. My apologies for this – I am working on my involvement and taking time for self reflection in this form (it’s just so damn exhausting isn’t it?). Recently during a period of wellness and stability, I managed to create several daily “reminders” to inspire and sustain me during more difficult moments and calm down those automatic voices of criticism or pessimism. The above are examples. Other phrases include:

  • Celebrate creative expression
  • Advocate for those who are dis-empowered
  • Treat your body like a friend
  • Set aside time for self reflection & stillness
  • Make informed decisions with the resources available at the time
  • Cultivate a sense of community in everything you do
  • Interact with the world at your own pace
  • We all move uneasily within our constraints
  • Nourish your soul

Can you think of some which may be beneficial for you? What’s something that you know about yourself but often forget? For me, it’s having compassion towards myself when I become overwhelmed and overstimulated. I also like to remember that however small the contribution, we are all unique and able to provide an insight and perspective that no one else can – once we learn to harness the power within ourselves, we can go about making positive changes to the world at large (it’s a tough and overwhelming fight). We need to remember that our presence is important, however insignificant we may feel. Signing off with kindness and blessings, x

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