Help me let go of my hair

I have decided to cut my hair off.

I love my hair and it’s been a difficult decision but I am struggling with pain and fatigue daily and caring for my hair has become a chore I feel ambivalent about.

Basic things like brushing it or tying it up in a bun causes pain and muscle fatigue in my wrists and shoulders. And I feel a sense of dread about washing/drying my hair. Usually I can manage but I am going through a prolonged period of pain and fatigue and starting to think that maybe this time my body is not going to revert to the normal (for me) levels of fatigue… Short hair will make my daily routines a lot easier.

I want this to be a meaningful process and not just something I do because I’ve been feeling low and frustrated. So I want to use it as an opportunity to raise funds for something I care deeply about.

To donate go to the page Raising Funds for Pushing Up Daisies


Pushing Up Daisies – a local community festival

I have thought a lot about what I’d like to raise funds for. I thought of projects related to hearing voices,  a personal movement/dance project, local mental health projects and then I remembered our local death festival.

This festival is in so many ways aligned with my values that I instantly felt in my body that this is what I’d like to support. And I was so thrilled when the core organisors said they thought it was a good idea. Suddenly letting go of my hair started to feel exciting and celebratory.

Pushing Up Daisies has been happening every year in May since 2015 so we are coming up to the fifth festival in May 2019

Everyone involved are volunteers, however there is a need for funds to cover expenses like printing programs and flyers, paying for venues and keeping us all fuelled on teas, coffees and biscuits.

From Pushing Up Daisies website – Our basic premise:
We all know someone who has died, someone who has been bereaved and someone who will miss us when we’re gone. And yet, nearly all of us struggle with thinking about, planning and talking about death. Especially with the people we love the most. Each May, a small but increasing number of Todmorden folk create a festival to make space for these conversations.

​And they can manifest in so many different ways: storytelling shows, performances, art exhibitions, information talks, writing or movement workshops, discussion groups, crafternoons, puppet shows for children, letter writing … the list goes on.   

This is about fellow citizens, mucking in to the difficult stuff together, in the hope of making things a little softer.



So what will happen?

I will be doing my best to raise funds online and locally during November and December and then in January (date tbc) I will have my hair cut off at a Pushing Up Daisies Open Meeting.

Once my hair is off my head I will be donating it to The Little Princess Trust  who provides real hair wigs free of charge to children and young adults up to the age of 24, who have sadly lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses.


To donate go to the page Raising Funds for Pushing Up Daisies



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