Fuming against digitalisation

I am starting to believe that digitalisation really stands for dehumanisation…

I am so fed up with systems and regulations that seem to only exist to sustain those systems with complete disregard for the average citizen.

I am fuming that we are more or less forced to go along with these systems, including digitalisation which is supposed to make things easier but more often than not gets in the way of human connection and interaction.

I am exhausted with so called technological progress. It doesn’t feel like progress to me. It feels like suffocating in the belly of a beast and I don’t have the language to explain to others how this beast is swallowing and suffocating all of us.

I am raging against the machine, the mechanisation of nature and human life.

I am raging against the corporate capitalism that means that average citizens are being treated as useless and suspicious maybe except when they are consuming.

And I fucking hate the postal ‘service’ (privatised and centralised as a Scandinavian corporation called PostNord) in Denmark that no longer serves anyone and have made mockery of the noble service that postal services used to be. A means to connect and communicate across distances. When we post things we enter a contract of trust with the service and with the people performing postal tasks – that they will take care of what we are posting and respect our privacy. Now its just incomprehensible rules based on distrust of citizens.

I do not think that the digitalisation and so called technological progress that is shaping Denmark is good for anyone except probably for big business and for sustaining the governmental powers. I do not want this to be what the rest of the world strives towards. Denmark as a system is not something to aim to be like.

It may look good based on data and stats, but it all comes at a cost.

Hygge is not about candles and decor – it’s about people, love and an atmosphere that is created when there is love. This cannot be branded or exported or turned into another reason to consume shit. Some Danish people are hyggelige, some Danish places are hyggelige but that is not because of the wonderful systems, the structure of governance, technological progress or things that can be bought.

When people and places are hyggelige it is usually despite the structures and systems rather than because of them.

These systems and structures are not built to nurture and sustain love, humanity and nature.

One of the most watched TV programs in Denmark some years ago is about a young Danish family buying a farm, trying to leave the rat race, live sustainably and without modern technology. Unfortunately that is more or less impossible in Denmark without the funding from Danish National TV…

It is all maddening. I feel like Chaplin…


  1. I am with you – dealing with vodafone uk from Ger, I was using their fb-bot – and it said it did not understand my question, so I replied: Ask human, And it did – only they were as useful as a wet blanket, referred me to their web site – through which I can’t get contact as I only have an a/c nr and not a fon nr with that company. Going to get grounded, cycling along the Rhine. Bought a book in Cologne the other day: Hannah Arendt: Die Freiheit frei zu sein. – Keep well,


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