Best thing I’ve read this year…

Best thing I’ve read the past 2 years actually. And I admit that I am very biased.

This comes across as thoughtful to me and with the added plus of light comic relief.

The main reason why I like it is because I feel seen and heard by this. I feel less isolated, less mad, less unclean and a little less hopeless…

Comin Clean by Cory Zue


  1. excellent; myself, I started from the knowledge that I am allergic to at least 2 of the 4 vaccines, and given that in the UK you couldn’t necessarily choose (because I have too much experience with being misinformed by people working within the medical model) – and I also ended up taking a stand. Recently had two good grown-up discussion with a doc from the German health authorities, but without having the words in German – we ended up agreeing to disagree. Unfortunately, I have lost my allergy pass, given to me over 20 yrs ago in Germany. So I am making a minor effort to get it back. While Germany is making up its mind whether to introduce vaccination mandate. I can see the point coming that I may have to choose between going to prison and taking a shot that will likely make me ill (as I have sensitivities on top of the known allergies). At the moment, it seems a good practice of serenity prayer – living in the present with things I can’t control. Thanks for sharing the post. All the best -,


    • I am doing a lot of watching birds in the garden while sitting with my powerlessness. And nature helps me stay connected to my belief that there are many things in life that humans do not need to exert control over, even if we can and think its ‘for the best’. Personally I do not want to impose too much control over my body through medical interventions and procedures – I find my body works best if I approach it with humility and accept…

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    • mmh – I am very cautious re anesthetics and even with that being possible, I have for the moment decided not to pursue arthroscopy of my (meniscus tear) knee which may or may not reduce pain further (pretty manageable), but I may have to revisit that. Tbh, I am not sure, I am not playing tricks on myself i.e. accepting age/decline where I should not. However, the obvious reason is that at the mo resources at clinicians even in Germany are stretched. So I settle for that as a temp (at least) compromise. Just as well I get a reasonable (for me) mileage per wk on my bike at home in Newark which is good for the knee. – Glad you can do bird watching, grounding. I am looking forward to getting back to my green space round the caravan back home.


    • Those things are difficult to make decisions around especially as you describe when natural aging/decline may or may not play a role. Acceptance can be key to living with something but it can also be part of compromising when maybe there are possibilities to be explored. I regularly have conversations with friends and family around this and also try and think what kind of decisions I would make if I was in similar situations. Its so tricky!

      I’d suffered with pain and fatigue since my early teens and had taken an accepting approach I order to cope when in my mid twenties I started working with a physio who challenged me to not passively accept pain but work with it and stay curious and seek new approaches/support/knowledge. He also worked with me around bodyawareness and being present with whatever I experienced without judging it. Kind of goes back to the serenity prayer I suppose – figuring out what to accept and what to change and re evaluating that as circumstances change.
      wishing you all the best with your health and the decisions you have to make on an ongoing basis

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    • Thanks so much Elisabeth for the echo; that physio of yours sounds like a keeper. In tiny ways I I maybe experiencing a bit of that in my very modest yoga practice – the presence in the middle of the muddle. Thank you. Take good care.


    • Yes he was a great inspiration and a stabilising influence through a challenging time. I am really lucky to have met my current physio too. Been working with him for 4 years now and it has changed my pain levels and pain management skills and he has been a good support through the last two years as well as he has offered in person treatment almost throughout. I feel extremely blessed to have met and developed good relationships with people like both of them.

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