Tales from Times of Exhaustion #8 – finding a balance; food, energy and exercise

I know I am pretty bright overall. Being bright has got me through tough times.
But there are times where I don’t feel bright at all…
Like when someone says to me ‘dont push yourself too much. If your body feels stiff and tired for 1 or 2 days after exercising you are overdoing it!’
and I think to myself ‘what do you know? it’s always been like this. I wouldn’t do any exercise at all if I am supposed to only do stuff that doesn’t put me in pain afterwards’
But he continues ‘your body uses energy every time you exercise. If you are in a lot of pain and tired afterwards something is not balancing. To exercise you need energy and your energy comes from your food and if your organs are not able to get nutrients out of the food you eat then you don’t have energy to spend…’
The light bulb is slowly getting brighter…

And he says ‘the allergies you have are as if you body is confused. Your immune system might be weak and your body can’t figure out what is okay and what is not so it reacts in ways that seem random.’
So not only is my body not able to get nutrients and energy out of the food I eat, it also spends energy trying to defend against food I eat because it doesn’t recognise it as safe…

The silly thing is – I know this… But exercise is one of the few ways I feel I can still be in control. I believe that it’s important I keep exercising and pushing myself to exercise a couple of times a week. I believe I can build up stamina and I believe that continuing to exercise keeps me from completely slumping into a heap. Pain from exercise I can deal with because I know why I’m in pain. I want to exercise more! Not less…
It seems I will have to rethink this approach till my stomach and immune system is back on track.

One comment

  1. Kia ora (hello)
    Thank you for the understanding to develop my compassion and empathy with my body’s messages and boundaries. Nga mihi kare (many thanks friend)


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